Switch Philly

By Technically Philly (other events)

Wednesday, October 6 2010 6:00 PM 7:00 PM EST
Five Philly startups will get seven minutes to demo their product letting locals know the cool things going on in their backyard and attracting regional and national attention to our vibrant tech community.

A few FAQS:

Q: What is Switch?

A presentation event where five new Philly companies give seven-minute demos to investors, community members and others.

Q: Who is organizing this?

Switch is being organized by Technically Philly and Jameson Detweiler.

Q: Why is the event called "Switch?"

A few reasons:
Demos will be kept to a strict seven-minute limit, thus encouraging the "Switching" of demos.
Switch will showcase the great new products being made in Philly thus "switching" what the city is talking about.
We hope the event "Switches" on some lightbulbs to inspire us all.
Philadelphia deserves more national and regional attention for the innovation happening here. Let's Switch that.
We love bad puns.

Q: I want to present.

Shoot an email to Technically Philly at [email protected] and let us know what you do. We like launches and products that are consumer-facing, though we certainly will bend the rules.

Q: What's the hashtag?

#switch. Easy enough, right?