NET/WORK Philly 2017

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Tuesday, February 7 2017 3:00 PM 8:00 PM EDT

NET/WORK is a technology job fair showcasing vibrant companies seeking talent and talented people seeking work. Nothing stiff or stuffy about it. The companies at NET/WORK are psyched to show off their company culture—and get to know you outside of your resume. 

HIRING ORGANIZATIONS / EXHIBITORS asked these hiring companies to share what they're looking for in potential candidates. Check out what positions are open and what skills are needed by reviewing our Exhibitor Survey Results



(HubBub will also have delicious pastries available for individual purchase)

GET YOUR RESUME REVIEWED THANKS TO: Campus Philly, Harcum College,  Cabrini University and  Community College of Philadelphia 


  • Looking for full-time work with a company that fits your skills & personality

  • Seeking opportunities in Dev, Design, Engineering, UX, Programming, etc.

  • Recent grad looking for an apprenticeship

  • Interested in freelance gigs

  • Currently employed, but want to feel out future opportunities

  • Looking to network


Great technologists have options when it comes to finding a job. The employers at NET/WORK are looking to learn more than just what's on your resume. You'll still need chops to land your dream job, but at NET/WORK, your personality & "fit" carry real weight.



4:00 - 6:50 PM | TENATIVE WORKSHOPS HAPPENING THROUGHOUT THE DAY (Check back for more topics)

  • DEV TALK | Solving the Technical Interview with Ivana Veliskova, Front End Developer, WebLincThis talk is about preparing yourself for your technical interview: what sorts of questions to expect, the different kinds of coding problems you can encounter and how best to tackle them. Also, I will discuss what sorts of things you should be aware of during the technical interview and tips for formulating your post interview 'Thank you' email.
  • CAREER TALKTeaching as Learning with Jen Dionisio, Organizer, Girl Develop It Philly. This talk is about how teaching can benefit you in unexpected and rewarding ways - providing an opportunity to revisit "why" you work the way you do; to gain the skills to mentor new and junior colleagues; and to build a community of knowledge-sharing that benefits people at all career and skill levels. I'll be sharing stories from our teachers about how teaching has enhanced their professional lives, and explain how to get involved with Girl Develop It as a TA or teacher.
  • CAREER TALK | Critical Competencies to Bring your Leadership to the Next Level with Don Forcey, Global Technology Ops Distribution Services Department Head. This talk presented by Vanguard, will give you insight into the key competencies expected of a technical leader at an industry-leading company. Vanguard's leadership standard was established to simplify the message of what is expected and also to show that a leader's role is not just to manage, but also inspire. Whether you're interested in a career with Vanguard, or simply looking to elevate your technical leadership, this session will give you the tools you need to grow your career.
  • CAREER TALK | Transition Up: How to Turn a Career Change into a Kickass Comeback with Jamila Payne, President & CEO, Daily Success Routine an Ideas Action Design Brand. This session shares strategies that will empower attendees to overcome setback and multiply them into bigger opportunities. We'll discuss paths for creating non-traditional career options and develop a roadmap to carve your career path. 
  • DEV TALK | Earn While You Learn Presented by The Urban Technology Project | Moderator: Jessie Cunningham, Project Manager @ Urban Technology Project, Panelists: Courtney Christian, Software Engineer @ Webjunto, Melissa Simpson, Apple Support Specialist @ Springboard Media, Dawn McDougall, Executive Director for Code for Philly, Anthony Harley - Software Engineer, Kristen Gallagher, UX Researcher/Designer @ Elsevier. With a competitive job market and high tuition rates for formal education, breaking into the technology industry can seem daunting and even impossible for some. Join our panel discussion to explore alternative paths to a career in tech. Our panelists are young professionals who have all obtained a successful career in the technology field through a formal apprenticeship, informal mentoring, self-education, and involvement in Philly’s tech scene.
  • CAREER TALK | Hire Learning with Le’Rhone Walker, Director of Front End Development, The Archer Group. The job market is more competitive than ever. But even in a sea of qualified candidates, you can make your mark and leave the right impression. Here are three real-life stories of applicants that went above-and-beyond to get the job, along with winning ideas you can apply today to help you stand out from the crowd.

7:00 - 8:00 PM | Happy Hour



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